Spring 2018
Vol 115.1


Excitement is in the Air…

Soon we will be welcoming spring with its offer of warmer weather, longer days, and fresh beginnings. I am happy to report that at NJAOPS, we are experiencing improved finances, greater political influence in Trenton, and an up tick in association membership. All of this leads me to believe that AROC 2018 (April 25 through April 28) will be an event you won’t want to miss.


AROC 2018 attendees have much to look forward to besides a stylish, new place to reconnect with colleagues and engage in outstanding education…


  • Increased interactivity with workshops, panel discussions, and a mock State-Board investigation
  • More educational programs to choose from
  • Expanded OMT for the experienced physician
  • Required courses for NJ, PA, and FL.


Don’t forget to browse the exhibit hall with 83 exhibitors that represent the changing face of medicine. And please join us for an after-hours event on Wednesday evening in the high-energy Haven nightclub featuring drinks, DJs, dancing and a few surprises. For more information, go to the NJAOPS website at www.njosteo.com and if you have already registered for AROC, don’t forget to download the app ‘AROC2018’.


As we embrace our 2018 motto of fresh beginnings, we turn to our vested members to guide us towards a new chapter in NJAOPS’ history- the opportunity to rebrand our name. On March 8, 1948 the New Jersey Osteopathic Society (NJOS) became New Jersey Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (NJAOPS) as the osteopathic professionals yearned to present a truer image of the profession. Seventy years later, our association’s brand name has proven to be difficult to market and, we are thankful to say, does no longer present the true image of the profession today. Now we turn to our members to guide us towards a new chapter of this journey and we ask to vote on the top three names, which NJAOPS’ Board of Directors, as well as the House of Delegates, believe is a more suitable brand name for the Twenty-First Century and beyond. 

The choices include:


  • New Jersey Osteopathic Association (NJOA)
  • Osteopathic Society of New Jersey (OSNJ)
  • Medical Osteopathic Society of New Jersey (MOSNJ)


I certainly am looking forward to seeing all of your in April and please remember to secure your hotel rooms by April 9th!


Tajma Kotoric

Tajma Kotoric is the executive director of NJAOPS. Her e-mail address is: tkotoric@njosteo.com.


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