Spring 2018
Vol 115.1

Patient’s Perspective


on Direct Care

The list of reasons causing primary care physicians dissatisfaction and burnout is long. It includes declining income, piles of endless paperwork, rushed appointments, too many patient visits a day, returning calls to people they feel they barely know, little control over patient outcomes, and less time to focus on prevention and wellness. Direct Care changes all of that.  Direct Care, an innovative new model of primary care delivery, puts physicians back in control of patient care.  It is medicine the way it should be.  The following patient story highlights how Direct Care, with its focus on small patient panels and less administrative overhead, can make a real difference to patients.


Last fall, Michelle (patient’s name changed to protect privacy) went to the State of New Jersey’s Passport to Benefits event to learn more about her employer’s new benefit offerings. While there, she met the team from R-Health, a Direct Care provider that contracts with employers to provide primary care as an employee benefit. At the event, she learned that she could join an R-Health doctor’s office for free as part of her state health plan. She was intrigued and she signed up for the R-Health location in Ewing, which was set to open in January 2017.

Dr. Steven Horvitz, DO is an NJAOPS Member and the Medical Director at R-Health (www.R-Health.md). Dr. Horvitz practices as a family physician at The Institute for Medical Wellness in Moorestown, NJ.


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“Direct Care, an innovative new model of primary care delivery, puts physicians back in control of patient care. It is medicine the way it should be.”

When she heard about R-Health, Michelle was excited but she also kept thinking there had to be a catch. Once the Ewing office opened, she realized there really was no catch and she was astounded by the level of care she received from her R-Health doctor and the rest of her team.


“R-Health is a far superior doctor’s office,” said Michelle. “My R-Health doctor helps me manage everything related to my health. She calls me just to answer my questions and I can e-mail with her anytime. It feels great to know that I have access and can just keep in touch on the little things.”


Michelle also likes that she doesn’t have to try to remember everything that her doctor tells her during each appointment. She can access a full overview of everything discussed at her appointment through the electronic patient portal and if she still has follow up questions, she just e-mails or calls her doctor to review.


Says Michelle, “It’s refreshing that I don’t have to keep track of everything on my own.” One of Michelle’s favorite aspects of her R-Health doctor’s office is the ability to get her blood work done onsite, saying, “It’s so nice to have everything done in one place.”


With R-Health, Michelle feels like she has her own concierge doctor, but without the added access fees, and of course, with no co-pays. “I used to wait hours to see my doctor and I felt like my time wasn’t as important as theirs. With R-Health, I never wait more than 5 or 10 minutes to see my doctor – it’s a miracle.”


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