Summer 2018
Vol 116.1


JOPAC Donations: Participate in Healthcare Advocacy for New Jersey

To effectively lobby on the behalf of our members, as well as the greater medical community, NJAOPS tries to become active and involved in various legislative functions, political networking opportunities, and strategic fundraising efforts. In doing so, we have generated greater awareness for the mission and objectives of our association, and have educated important decision makers on the philosophy and advantages of the osteopathic practice of medicine. We are dedicated to continuing these initiatives, and  we appreciate your continued support of our ongoing Legislation Action efforts!


We invite all members who have not donated to our JOPAC Foundation to visit our donation page (or print the displayed form below). Now more than ever, our efforts and influence is needed in Trenton to advocate for the interest of osteopathic physicians, and better healthcare policies for all of New Jersey!

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The Journal is the official magazine of the New Jersey Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (NJAOPS). NJAOPS is the sixth largest state affiliate of the American Osteopathic Association. NJAOPS represents the interests of more than 4,700 active osteopathic physicians, residents, interns and medical students. Founded in 1901, NJAOPS is one of the most active medical associations in New Jersey with 12 county societies.