Summer 2018
Vol 116.1


Our Challenges and The Case for Unity

It is a great honor to address our Members and The Journal readers for the first time as the NJAOPS President. This opportunity is something that I have looked forward to for sometime, and I hope that in my tenure, I will be able use this forum to raise meaningful topics, advocate for important issues, and perhaps provide some thoughtful commentary on it all.


Now that I have had some time to reflect on things since the inauguration at this year's AROC conference in Atlantic City, I have been trying to look ahead to gain an objective view of the challenges and opportunities that face our profession and our organization.


Healthcare, whether right or wrong, tends to be measured by it's problems, rather than by the many positive outcomes it produces. So, it is the problems that seem to outweigh viable solutions. There are many issues that should be of great concern to us as providers of healthcare in New Jersey, but we also must continue to regard ourselves as the ones who will ultimately bring about solutions and positive change.


In my inauguration speech at AROC, I spoke of the unique role we have as osteopathic physicians, and how that distinction defines us in everything we do for our patients. It also uniquely qualifies us to have a significant voice in addressing the challenges that healthcare professionals face today. Whether it be the opioid crisis, rising healthcare costs, physician wellness and practice management issues — our principles of osteopathic medicine provide a foundation for healing. Our patient-centered philosophy is what unites us as professionals, but it can also be the antidote to many of the root causes we see in these crises today. Just as the body functions as a integrated unit (with no part functioning independently), so must we. Together, we can be our best advocates, and effective agents of change as a result.


We are at a crossroads. New technologies, medical breakthroughs, legislative decisions and cultural concerns effect our profession in a meaningful way, so it is important that we continue to be informed and engaged on all of the issues. I believe that is why an organization like NJAOPS remains such a vital association.


When we ask ourselves what we can do to better serve our patients and our profession, we would do well to remember the old maxim “Where there is unity, there is always victory.”  NJAOPS is key in fostering unity among all of us who are stakeholders in promoting a vibrant, expanding, and effective osteopathic presence in the 21st century healthcare arena. In unity, we can achieve much: a potent legislative presence; a voice for patients of all ages and backgrounds; and a standard of care that serves as a model for other healthcare professionals in the region.


In this latest issue of The Journal, we provide some very important information and guidance on the newly passed Out-of-Network and Individual Mandate Laws, as well as interesting commentary from healthcare professionals and NJAOPS members on important issues that face wellness, recovery, legal and societal issues that define the times.


I look forward to continuing to reach out to all of our constituents, and develop a health dialog about what it means to be a DO in New Jersey and how NJAOPS can help to advance our interests and goals. My e-mail is always an option for you to contact me with any questions, concern and suggestions that you may have.


Be well and do good deeds,





Leonard Schuchman, DO, MPH, FAAFP

Len Schuchman, DO

Len Schuchman, DO

Leonard Schuchman, DO, MPH, FAAFP, is President for the New Jersey Association Osteopathic of Physicians and Surgeons (NJAOPS), and serves on the Executive Board of Directors.


Additionally, he is a New Jersey delegate for the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).


His e-mail address is:


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